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Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Golden Globes After-Party

kylie-kendall-golden-globes-3 - Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Golden Globes After-Party

The Jenner sisters put on their leggiest dresses and stepped out on Sunday night for the Golden Globes after-party. Kylie, who does not have breast implants (they are big because she is on her period) and Kendall, who does not have lip injections (her lips are just over-lined by Kylie), posed together and separately for the delight of the photographers on the red carpet.

How do you like their looks on this glamorous occasion?


rehost_2016_9_29_5d723d3e-946c-4af2-97c5-75c650e44bfd - Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Golden Globes After-Party

kylie-kendall-golden-globes-9 - Kylie and Kendall Jenner at Golden Globes After-Party

More of the Jenner sisters at the after-party inside!

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From the Fabulous Over 50 Club: Felicity Huffman & Sarah Jessica Parker

over-50-actresses - From the Fabulous Over 50 Club: Felicity Huffman & Sarah Jessica Parker

From the Fabulous Over 50 Club: Felicity Huffman & Sarah Jessica Parker both attended the Golden Globes last night and looked the part in front of the cameras on the red carpet.

While 51 year-old Sarah opted for youthful braids and a very ample white gown, 54 year-old Felicity showed off her very thin and toned frame in a sparkly jumpsuit.

See more of these ladies inside!


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2016 Golden Globe TV nominations: who got recognized & who got snubbed?


Note: I’m splitting up today’s Golden Globe nominations into two posts, one for the TV nominations and one for the film nominations. These are the TV nominations.

Unlike the SAGs, which recognized the same-old, same-old people with only a couple of new names, the Globes actually recognized a slew of new people and shows. Some surprise nominations: Lady Gaga, Maura Tierney, Silicon Valley, Casual, lots of love for Outlander (which surprised me because while the show is well-executed, it’s a MESS). Here’s the list of TV nominations:

Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy
Mozart in the Jungle
Orange Is the New Black
Silicon Valley

Best TV series, drama:
Game of Thrones
Mr. Robot

Best TV movie/limited series:
American Crime
Flesh and Bone
Wolf Hall

Actor, TV musical/comedy:
Aziz Ansari
Gael Garcia Bernal
Rob Lowe
Patrick Stewart
Jeffrey Tambor

Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical

Rachel Bloom
Jamie Lee Curtis
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Gina Rodriguez
Lily Tomlin

Best Actress in a Drama
Viola Davis
Caitriona Balfe
Eva Green
Taraji P. Henson
Robin Wright

Best Actor in a Drama
Liev Schreiber, “Ray Donovan”
Wagner Moura, “Narcos”
Bob Odenkirk, “Better Call Saul”
Rami Malek, “Mr. Robot”
Jon Hamm, “Mad Men”

Best Supporting Actress for TV
Regina King, “American Crime”
Uzo Aduba, “Orange is the New Black”
Joanne Froggatt, “Downton Abbey”
Maura Tierney, “The Affair”
Judith Light, “Transparent”

Best Supporting Actor for TV:
Alan Cumming – The Good Wife
Damian Lewis – Wolf Hall
Ben Mendelsohn – Bloodline
Tobias Menzies – Outlander
Christian Slater – Mr. Robot

Best Actress in a Limited-Series or TV Movie
Lady Gaga – American Horror Story: Hotel
Sarah Hay – Flesh and Bone
Felicity Huffman – American Crime
Queen Latifah – Bessie
Kirsten Dunst – Fargo

Best Actor in a limited series:
Idris Elba, Luther
Oscar Isaac, Show Me a Hero
David Oyelowo, Nightingale
Mark Rylance, Wolf Hall
Patrick Wilson, Fargo

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Benedict Cumberbatch: ‘I’ve done smart. I haven’t done much sexy, really’


I’m quietly preparing myself for the possibility that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter could suddenly elope over the holidays. Do you think that’s a legit possibility? Or does Sophie want a big society wedding? Or maybe that’s what Bendy wants? But what does Harvey Weinstein want?! Anyway, Bendy and Sophie are probably going to be all over LA in January, because Benedict has gotten Best Actor nominations in every major awards show. He’ll be at the Golden Globes, the SAGs, the Critics Choice and more. I’m assuming Sophie will be on his arm the whole time, because… why not? Meanwhile, there are still some interviews with Bendy for TIG, like this one with The National. Benedict once again talks about how he would really like to play “sexy” and do a romantic comedy. Some highlights:

He doesn’t just play geniuses: He says he’s played “pretty dull, ordinary” people. “Let’s say us. I’ve done us, versions of me and you,” he says.

He likes characters who are puzzles to be solved: “Maybe that’s a fair one. Maybe I do. I think for the reasons people are attracted to those characters, as well. You can never fully understand them. There’s always a certain amount of enigma or mystery to them.”

TIG the film: “…Is about trying to celebrate differences because of the tragedies that can occur when you destroy the people who aren’t like you”.

He’s not a Sherlock-level genius: “Steven Moffat is the brain. I just say it fast.”

Playing Alan Turing: “I’m not stupid but I’m not that smart. So I can at least lend something of that within the performance, like maybe the alacrity of thought, making fast connections. But when you actually start talking about the language he used to get to those stunning conclusions, you might as well ask me to write my name in Mandarin.”

His career dream: “I’ve done evil. I’ve done good. I’ve done smart. I haven’t done much sexy, sexy, really. I know Sherlock’s some people’s cup of tea. I’d like to do a romantic comedy. I really would.”

[From The National]

I mean… I could see Benedict as a romantic lead, but then again, I’m a long-time Cumberbitch. I think he would be absolutely charming in, say, a Richard Curtis-written posh-Englishman-meets-a-tough-talking-American-broad romantic comedy. I could dream-cast the hell out of that! I wouldn’t put him with someone like Reese Witherspoon though. I would put him with Mindy Kaling. And it would be HOT. And funny.


Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, WENN.


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Tom Hiddleston was nominated for a WhatsOnStage Award for Best Actor


I wonder how Tom Hiddleston feels now that Benedict Cumberbatch is invading his Marvel territory? I bet Tom is happy. Benedict is like a big brother to him after all. But maybe there’s a little something, deep down, where Tom is like, “Damn, bro. Marvel was MY thing.” But I’m sure it will be fine. Tom’s actually set to have a pretty good 2015 – he should be in the (gossip) news more, and on more red carpets. High Rise, Age of Ultron, Crimson Peak and I Saw the Light will all be released in 2015, so maybe at this time next year, we’ll be talking about Tommy for a potential Golden Globes nomination.

Meanwhile, Tommy is still getting nominations and awards for his work on the stage earlier this year in Coriolanus. Last week, Hiddleston won Best Actor at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards, and then on Friday, he was nominated for a WhatsOnStage Award for Best Actor in a Play. It’s basically like the People’s Choice of London theatre. Tommy is up against David Tennant, Tom Bateman, Richard Armitage and Mark Strong. If this is truly the People’s Choice of London theatre, I would think that Hiddles would win hands-down (and pants-down). The winners won’t be announced until February 15th. Smack in the middle of the awards season in Hollywood. You can read more about the nominations here.

Oh, and there’s a new documentary which involves actors talking about Shakespeare, so of course Tommy was included. This clip was making the rounds all last week, but I’m pretty sure this is from an older interview.


Photos courtesy of WENN, PR Photos, Fame/Flynet.


Thanks to Cele Bitchy

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Benedict Cumberbatch wins ‘Hollywood Actor Award at the HFAs: yay?


Wow, there was A LOT of Benedict Cumberbatch at the Hollywood Film Awards last night. Not only did Benedict win The Hollywood Actor Award for The Imitation Game, but producers cut to him throughout the evening and Bendy was featured in several “winner” packages. Bendy did not attend the HFAs with his lover Sophie Hunter though. From what I could see of his table, he sat with Harvey Weinstein, Keira Knightley and his publicist. His publicist looked exhausted. I feel you, girl.

As for how Bendy looked… I’m getting tired of yelling about his stupid haircut, so whatever. I think he’s trying to grow it out and hopefully, fingers crossed, we’ll have Cumbercurls by the Golden Globes/SAGs. I do like his new suit – at least it’s new to me, I don’t think I’ve seen this suit before. Ben looked grumpy throughout most of the show, but he did break into a smile a few times. Here’s Bendy’s speech:

It occurred to me as I was watching Benedict’s speech and how he carried himself last night that Benedict isn’t playing the same kind of Oscar campaign as Eddie Redmayne. Redmayne is doing the “British outsider, young talent in a breakthrough role” campaign. Benedict is running more of an “established actor doing consistently award-winning work for years” campaign. Like, I remember the (successful) campaign Harvey Weinstein waged on behalf of Colin Firth for The King’s Speech. That’s what Benedict’s campaign now reminds me of. He’s doing the Firth Model. That plays a bit better, I think.

I’m including photos of Bendy from the HFA red carpet, plus some pics of Bendy at LAX.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.


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Anjelica Huston: Jack Nicholson laughed at the idea of marrying me

This is a photo of Anjelica Huston and Jack Nicholson in 1976. They dated for 17 years! It was an on-again, off-again thing, but still. That’s a long time to put up with one of Hollywood’s most notorious ladies’ men. Anjelica Huston is promoting a new memoir, Watch Me, which came out on Tuesday. People scored a bunch of exclusive quotes from the book. Most of them are about Anjelica’s horrible relationship with Jack. I assume it was mostly horrible because they kept breaking up, and the final split ended with Anjelica admittedly beating the crap out of Jack. She says he bought her a Mercedes-Benz, and she crashed it the first day. Oh, and he mocked the very idea of marrying her:

Jack shot down her proposal: “I [said], ‘If you had any balls, you’d marry me.’ And he said, ‘Marry you? Are you kidding?’” The 63-year-old actress goes on to say that she “sobbed for three days after that.”

Jack was “scary” to both Huston and Goop: Huston recalls meeting a young Gwyneth Paltrow at a fundraiser for a senator. The then 12-year-old Paltrow took one look at Nicholson and told Huston, “That man scares me.” “He scares me, too,” Huston answered.

Jack was possessive, but she liked it: After watching Nicholson flirt with a model at a restaurant, Huston tried to leave the table only to have the actor pull her back into her seat. “Don’t ever stand up like that to leave,” he reportedly said to her. “I enjoyed his brief flash of possessiveness,” she writes.

The final blowout: “I don’t think I kicked him, but I beat him savagely about the head and shoulders. He was ducking and bending, and I was going at him like a prizefighter, raining a vast array of direct punches.” But he was impressed with her display of passion. “Goddamn, Toots, you sure landed some blows on me. I’m bruised all over my body,” he reportedly told her on the phone days after the final confrontation. Huston replied, “You’re welcome, Jack, you deserved it.”

She wanted to have Jack’s baby: After actress Rebecca Broussard became pregnant with Nicholson’s baby, Huston felt “inadequate and bitter,” she writes. “I had endometriosis, and had probably had it since my teens. I had undergone a laparoscopy, followed by a hysteroscopy, but a child was not to be.”

[From People]

See, Anjelica was pretty naive to stay with Jack that long and think it would ever go anywhere. Why would she ever want to marry him or have kids with her when he flirted with other women? He did it in front of her, so you know he must have done worse when she wasn’t watching. Jack was married once for six years to Susan Knight. Once was more than enough for him. How do you feel about Anjelica’s admission of punching Jack “like a prizefighter“?

This photo of Jack at the 2013 Golden Globes always kills me. Leonardo DiCaprio, this is your future.

Jack Nicholson

Anjelica Huston

Photos courtesy of WENN


Source Cele Bitchy