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Maggie Q on her modeling experience: toxic, gross, shaming

Maggie Q starred in the series Nikita for four seasons. She’s done a lot of other work, but she was so good on that show that most people associate her with it. Despite not being trained in martial arts, Maggie was tapped for action films early on and it became her bread and butter. Her name became so synonymous with the genre that she promised herself she wouldn’t do any more, telling her agent to turn down any action scripts that came her way, However, her latest film, The Protégé, lured her back thanks to Samuel L Jackson and Michael Keaton. Maggie gave an in-depth interview to Salon as promotion for the film. It’s a good interview because she covers so much, like the back surgery she had only two and a half months before she did her own stunts for The Protégé (yikes!), her activism and the bill she has before Congress on behalf of garment workers in California. She also spoke about her modeling career she had before getting into the film industry. The interviewer , Alli Joseph, was also a model and they shared stories of how bosses discouraged them from eating and shamed the models by comparing weight gains and losses. Some of these quotes can be triggering.

On the one positive thing she took from modeling: I will say very specifically that starting that career in Tokyo taught me about timing. And I know that may sound really small and really nothing, but the Japanese are fanatical about time management. And if you are 30 seconds late to something, they won’t see you. Certainly not at that time. And you’re taking trains and this and that and looking at maps to get places and invariably there are going to be hiccups and this and that, and there was no excuse for that. I remember that being such a harsh reality. I thought it was cool that I could get something out of an industry that’s so toxic and gross and one that I would never recommend anybody go into.

On weight shaming: I remember the agency that I was with, they had a whiteboard on the wall and with all our names on it and they weighed you every Friday and they put your weight on the wall, but they kept all the previous weights for all the previous weeks on the wall. They kept it there so that people could see if you were yo-yoing, going up and down. It was like a wall of shame. If you gained a pound, everyone knew it and could see it. And it was literally, you walked in the door, it was right there after you walked in the door so that it was on for everyone.

It was intended to shame you into either never eating, having an eating disorder, or feeling really bad about yourself and it’s disgusting. It’s really gross. I’m sure there are experiences in it that are very positive. One of my best friends growing up in Hawaii is a modeling agent now, owns his own agency and he’s a very healthy, honest guy. They’re a gay couple who really care about his girls and he’s very straight with them. He keeps them healthy. He keeps them sane. That did not exist when I was modeling. No, no, no. Awful people. Awful.

On being too poor to eat: Well you know what was really funny was that I was their model model because I was always so slim. Two reasons. One, I was an athlete and the second reason was I couldn’t afford food. I remember that, yeah. I was so poor that I actually couldn’t afford food. And I would save up to the end of the week to buy fruit because I loved fruit. I’m from Hawaii. It’s a part of my . . . And if I could afford fruit at the end of the week, if I could skip train rides and skip certain meals and afford four apples at the end of that week, I was winning. But I stayed really slim because I really couldn’t have three meals a day because I couldn’t afford them. And they were like, “Look at Maggie. She’s so awesome because she’s always so skinny.” And I’m like, “Don’t say that to people when I can’t afford food.”

[From Salon]

Alli told a story that the models in her agency would be taken to restaurants by their bosses and the bosses would watch what they ordered. If they ordered more than plain salmon and lettuce, they would be fired. To that, Maggie said, “Oh, no, no, no. You can’t. Eating was discouraged.” This is awful. I mean, we knew this went on, but not in these specific terms and it’s heart wrenching. I was particularly triggered by Maggie’s last quotes regarding poverty induced thinness being rewarded. And when you think about the age at which some of these young women start modeling, being treated this way is all they know.

It’s encouraging to hear some agencies are trying to promote a more positive environment. Maggie and Alli also discussed MeToo in Hollywood and the changes that have happened since people have spoken up. Maggie acknowledges it was really bad and there were bad people, but she is markedly more lenient with those who have erred in Hollywood than those in the modeling world. I hope that means Hollywood is less toxic than the modeling world today. I find that hard to believe.




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Ad art beach bikin bikini celebrities Celebrity Christmas curvy figure fit Holidays Hot Models image IRS Izabel Goulart LAX model Models Owe rap red rock size skin Skinny style toned two piece VS

Izabel Goulart Bikini Pictures

Izabel-Goulart-bikini-pictures-2 - Izabel Goulart Bikini Pictures

Super fit model Izabel Goulart wore a two-piece as she relaxed in the sun with her equally fit German footballer boyfriend Kevin Trapp on the beach during their holidays in Saint-Barthelemy, France this Christmas.

The 32 year-old Brazilian model, who works for Victoria’s Secret rocked a bright bikini that showed off her enviable figure.

Izabel-Goulart-bikini-pictures-3 - Izabel Goulart Bikini Pictures

Izabel-Goulart-bikini-pictures-5 - Izabel Goulart Bikini Pictures

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On never being told to lose weight:

‘Maybe I was just naïve, but I’ve never felt uncomfortable. All those stories you hear about fashion… Nobody told me to lose weight.’

On the hardest part of modeling:

‘The only thing that was hard was you literally go to ten castings a day and then you get zero jobs. Its a job, and if someone’s looking for something and it’s not you then that’s fine. You should accept it.’

On being scouted when she was not attractive:

‘I was scouted when I was 13 or 14… It was the most confusing thing ever – I was definitely not attractive. I was a geeky teenager; awkward and thin and lanky and weird. And I had strange teeth.’

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How do you all like it?

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31 year-old Victoria’s Secret beauty Izabel Goulart is known for her ultra toned physique and low body fat percentage that she flaunts on the catwalks while wearing nothing but sexy lingerie – and recently, the gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio-lookalike beauty detailed her model workout routine:

On her favorite types of exercises:

Often, I’ll do a quick workout in my hotel room consisting of exercises for the legs, glutes, abs, and arms with my own body weight.

On her model workout routine while traveling:

I always have a jump rope, a medicine ball I can inflate, and a band in my suitcase. It’s a great kit to have for travel.

On the craziest place where she’s ever workout out:

I was flying with my brother and he challenged me to work out on the airplane. He thought it was funny—and I did it!

… says Izabel.



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Melissa on her Seven7 collection that carries sizes for all:

The fun of it is you should be able to put these things together and not have to make a choice about going out to dinner or getting the sweater. Wear the sweater to dinner!

Earlier this year, Melissa shared some details about her 50 pounds weight loss:

I actually am a size 14. No trick, nothing to tell, just super boring life. You bring it real down, you don’t do anything fun and you go to bed at 7:30 — that’s the trick. (My) husband will ask, “Is it five and are you in jammies?” “I’m gonna call them loungewear.

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In the past year and a half, Gigi Hadid has lost a significant amount of weight, fact which we’ve documented in our previous posts. Turns out that around one and a half year ago, Gigi was considered too short (she is 5’10” / 179 cm) and too fat to model anything else than an oversized poncho for Tommy Hilfiger.

Here are more details from People:

Gigi Hadid seems to have it all: more magazine covers than any other model this year, every major catwalk under her belt, a standing invitation to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway and pose for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, a killer squad of fellow models, a cute boyfriend who lets her wear his shoes … we could go on. She’s even moved into the role of muse for Tommy Hilfilger, collaborating with him on a clothing line and serving as the face of his fragrance. But things weren’t always so golden for the model and the designer.

For Hadid’s first turn down the runway for Hilfiger in February 2015, Hilfiger recalls a casting dilemma. “Our casting director said, ‘She doesn’t really fit because you know she’s not quite as tall as the other girls, she’s not quite as thin. So they put a red, white and blue poncho on her, it covered a lot of her body unfortunately, but it received millions of hits,” he told Yahoo Style’s Joe Zee. “So I said, you know, why don’t we ask her to design a line with us. So I said, Gigi come design this with me, we’ll do a Gigi x Tommy couture line.”

Although Gigi was considered too fat to model regular clothes, the brand chose her to rock bikinis:

It’s worth noting that, though Hadid was deemed “not quite thin” enough for any non-poncho apparel in February, by September, Hilfiger had her in a crochet bikini leading a cabal of models down a beach-inspired runway. And a few months after that, their clothing collaboration was announced. And though it may serve as small comfort for being publicly poncho-shamed by your design partner, Hilfiger did deliver her a compliment, saying she’s an “All-American girl next door with an exotic twist to her look.”

Gigi these days:

too-fat-to-model-gigi - Gigi Hadid Was 'Not Thin Enough, Not Tall Enough' for Tommy Hilfiger