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Heidi Klum on renewing her vows to Seal every year: ‘You can’t say I didn’t try’


Heidi Klum was married to her second husband, Seal, for about eight years. Their wedding ceremony at a resort in Costa Careyes Mexico was attended by Heidi, Seal and Heidi’s daughter, Leni, who Seal later adopted. On each anniversary following, they renewed their vows at same resort. The ceremonies grew to include their future children and a guest list that expanded upwards of 50 people. Heidi themed the ceremonies. In 2009, travel to Mexico was restricted due to the H1N1 virus, so the couple hosted their annual renewal at their home in L.A. with a “White Trash” theme. At that point, I many people began to question the point of the renewal, as it seemed they were more an excuse for a party than a true reaffirmation of vows. But Heidi just gave an interview to the Sunday Times in which she said that she was, in fact, trying to preserve their love with each ceremony. Obviously, they didn’t work. The Times article is behind a paywall, but Yahoo has an excerpt.

Officially, Heidi Klum has been married three times: to hairdresser Ric Pipino, then singer Seal, then her current husband, Tokio Hotel rocker Tom Kaulitz. During her marriage to Seal, however, the German supermodel and the “Kiss From a Rose” singer repeatedly renewed their marriage vows each year — but ultimately split in 2012.

“I think I got married eight times to Seal,” Klum, 48, now says of the former couple’s multiple trips to the altar in a new interview with the Sunday Times. “I thought it would be kind of, like, fun. I thought it would be a fest of love. But you know, that doesn’t work either. I tried, you can’t say I didn’t try!”

She admits that over time she began to lose faith in the repeat ceremonies: “Like, ‘This is really not working.’ But I tried.”

Seal, 58, has also addressed the vow renewals, telling Andy Cohen in 2015 that “that was my ex-wife’s idea, to be honest.“

Noting that he “disliked” that the ceremonies were publicized, he added, “It kind of turned into a little bit of a circus, which I wasn’t terribly fond of because, by default, I’m quite a private person.”

[From Yahoo!]

I don’t have an opinion on vow renewals in general. I feel that, like wedding ceremonies, it has to be what they couple wants. I’d have one if my vows were broken and we decided to give it another shot. But that’s how I feel about it right now (I could always change my mind, too). Plenty of couples view them differently and that’s great. Celebrate your relationship however it works best for you. I admit that I got the impression that Heidi and Seal’s renewals were almost a habit after a while, like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. They didn’t seem to have any sentiment behind them, more fun than anything. So I was surprised to hear Heidi was actually trying to buoy her marriage with them. I wonder if that’s what was behind the themes, to incorporate traditions she found so beautiful she wanted them to bless her marriage in that way. I’d struggle with what her “White Trash” theme brought under that theory, however. But if Seal was, as he claims, against them, then they were doomed to fail from the start. If he told Heidi he didn’t want them public and she went public, that’s not cool of her. If he never told her that at the time, then he’s set her up to fail. Either way, these two were obviously not on the same page.




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Jennifer Aniston throws shade on Manic Panic: ‘Pink & green hair could go away’


Jennifer Aniston gave yet another interview about economic policy, Brexit, international relations and the strength of Euro. Just kidding! She gave an interview about her hair. Aniston is currently promoting Mother’s Day, although you wouldn’t know it from this interview because she’s just shilling (endlessly) for Living Proof, the haircare company she partially owns. There is, I believe, a lot of junky non-science in here. Like, Aniston is about two seconds away from suggesting that women rub healing crystals on their split ends. Some highlights:

Her new favorite haircare product: “The newest, coolest thing I’ve discovered from Living Proof and its scientific world is the Timeless Treatment. It’s a hair color protector. It goes on and looks like a cream conditioner, but you put it onto your hair from the roots down to the tip. You let it sit for five minutes and then shower and shampoo, which activates the product to seal and protect the color. Then you condition. The concept allows you to keep the richness of your color longer. It’s kind of amazing.”

Don’t wash your hair with hot water: “Hot water is never good for your hair or skin, so I wash in warm water. It also depends on what day it is. If I’m working then I usually do wash it, because it has to have continuity, but if I’m not working I try to give my hair a break for as many days as possible. After the gym, if I have to be somewhere, I usually just throw some heat on it to dry the sweat and then do a little dry shampoo and a little Night Cap, and I’m fresh as a daisy. I can last a good three or four days without washing my hair, and all of this stuff just kind of keeps it fresh and alive and smelling great.”

Her workout hairstyle: “I just wrap it up into whatever rubber band or clip I can find and it usually gets thrown on top of my head.”

Her favorite hair trends: “I love a cut from afar, but I’m pretty classic and like to stick to what feels good for me. I don’t usually follow hair trends. I wish I could, but I always feel like I’m trying to be something I’m not. I love seeing these ’70s shags, though. They’re all super cute! And I always love a good highlighted head of hair.”

Her least favorite hair trends: “Pink and green hair could go away. I don’t understand that to be honest, especially the green!

Her hairstylist’s best advice: “His big advice is the less you mess with your hair, the better. Less is more, don’t touch it, don’t wash it every day, and just let it be. That way, it saves up your hair’s energy for when you have to go to work and be on camera and put it under the hot lights and driers and rollers. It’s really just about doing less and using good products to maintain its health.”




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Taylor Swift’s friends think she’s definitely going to get engaged to Calvin Harris


Here are some photos of Taylor Swift and Lorde out in West Hollywood on Friday night. This is the most I’ve liked Taylor’s bob – it works better when she pushes her bangs to the side, right? They went out to The Nice Guy, a popular hotspot for the young and wealthy. Lorde still isn’t old enough to drink in America, so I wonder what she does when Taylor is sipping cocktails? Anyway, Swifty has been in LA for much of the year, ever since her tour ended. What’s nice is that her boyfriend Calvin Harris has also been camped out in LA, where he also has a home. Things seem to be going pretty well for them – they celebrated their one-year anniversary with a nice vacation, and there are many, many rumors that Taylor is thinking about marrying him. According to Grazia (via The Belfast Telegraph):

“Before meeting Calvin she’d completely sworn off men and was focusing on her career,” an insider told Britain’s Grazia magazine. “The last thing she wanted was to get involved with another high-profile man but they just clicked. This is the most secure Taylor has ever felt. It’s not been easy getting there after everything she’s been through with her previous boyfriends but Calvin has proved over the last year that he’s The One.”

Calvin spending Christmas (Dec15) with Taylor’s family in Colorado “sealed the deal” for both the stars, the source added. The couple have recently enjoyed some time alone together when they jetted to a tropical location for a much-deserved break. Now the pair’s pals are gearing up for an engagement announcement, with the general feeling that Taylor and Calvin will undoubtedly be walking down the aisle at some point in the future.

“It definitely feels like that’s where it’s headed, but who knows how they’d find the time to plan a wedding,” the source smiled. “They had to move mountains to make their holiday work and their hectic schedules are a challenging obstacle when it comes to finding time for each other. But for now, as far as friends are concerned it’s not a case of if, but when.”

[From The Belfast Telegraph]

I’m very interested in seeing what a Taylor Swift-Calvin Harris engagement would look like. I think her fans would be very surprised, especially since many of them treat Swifty like she’s still 17 years old and in need of “protection.” What would it mean for her fandom if Taylor really did get engaged and it was for real, because Taylor and Calvin truly adore each other and it’s a mature, adult relationship? Hm.

Speaking of mature adults, Taylor and her brother Austin got into a crazy Easter egg war over the holiday, and Taylor posted the videos on her Twitter:


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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Daily Beast: The Middletons ‘were always thought of as being incredibly boring’


By the looks of it, Pippa Middleton finally “caught” an eligible man who is “terribly rich” and “terribly into her.” The guy is James Matthews, and the rollout on this guy is very, very interesting and very telling. For the past five years or so, Pippa has dated men who don’t necessarily want to be seen with her, lest the press go over their lives with a fine-toothed comb. I thought Nico Jackson was the exception, but he high-tailed it to Switzerland more than a year ago, and their relationship fell apart after a long, drawn-out drama, one which involved Pippa spending the night at James Matthews’ home before the Nico split was announced.

Word is, Pippa and James are moving pretty quickly. They’ve known each other for years and even dated briefly a few years ago, but sources claim they’re already living together. As I said, the rollout has been interesting. Over the weekend, the Daily Mail had a piece about James and his “toxic bachelor” brother – go here to read. The gist is that the Middletons are willing to overlook James’ reality star brother if it means marrying off Pippa. Further evidence that the Middletons approve? Carole Middleton chaperoned a dinner date between Pippa and James last week. Which led me to this amazing piece in the Daily Beast, all about how Carole is forever a Helicopter Mom.

…It might seem rather odd that, like a Victorian chaperone, Pippa’s mum came along too. To Carole and Pippa, it probably seemed entirely normal. As James is no doubt finding out, you may think you are just dating one of the Middleton girls—actually, you are dating the whole damn clan.

“The Middletons like to do things together; this is not a family to marry into if you don’t like party games,” says one acquaintance of the family, “Carole’s seal of approval is an important part of any relationship her children might be involved in.”

It is not hard to see how the easy, comfortable closeness of the Middleton clan, dominated by Carole, must have seemed a far more attractive paradigm to the young Prince William than the brutal game of he-said she-said undertaken by Charles and Diana. William is said to jokingly call Kate and Pippa’s father Michael ‘dad’.

Acquaintances say that growing up, Carole ruled the family with, if not a rod of iron, a clear sense of what was and was not acceptable.

“They were always thought of as being incredibly boring,” says one acquaintance who knew the family when the children attended Marlborough school, who also suggests that Carole’s long had a reputation as something of a ‘helicopter mom’: “Carole always made sure they had the right books, and that their pencils were sharpened.”

In a sign that the relationship may be moving on, Matthews, 40, has submitted plans for a first-floor extension to his London property, seeking to build a bathroom above the kitchen, with the blueprints showing a ‘vanity basin’ complete with his and hers sinks. Maybe he should think about adding a granny flat too.

[From The Daily Beast]

I understand the appeal of a close-knit family, I really do. And the Middletons’ closeness must feel so exotic to William after the toxic relationships within his own family. But the helicopter-mom act is just bizarre at this point, given that all of Carole’s children are over the age of 28. Kate still goes home to mummy whenever she can, and Carole moved in with Kate and William for months last year just to run the household. And the PR blitz around Pippa’s new boyfriend has the vibe of old-school Middleton PR shenanigans, and I suspect that Carole is trying to make sure that Pippa locks this one down. My point? The helicopter-mum routine has morphed into something that seems more controlling and Machiavellian. And dare I say? Kris Jenner-esque.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and PCN.


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Bradley Cooper channels Sean Connery for Vanity Fair: does it work?

Bradley Cooper

Last Friday, I wondered aloud what happened to Bradley Cooper’s Oscar campaign. He hit hard (and early) in October with a conversation about wanting babies. Since then, he’s been surprisingly low key because he’s busy on Broadway with a starring role in the Elephant Man revival. But don’t worry, ladies. Daddy is back and covering the January issue of Vanity Fair to promote his turn as a Navy SEAL in American Sniper.

This cover is really something, right? BCoop and his big red balls are paying tribute to an iconic Sean Connery image. It doesn’t quite work out as planned. Connery played it smooth, and Bradley is full of frenetic energy. VF really played up the blue in his eyes too. Only a few excerpts have surfaced so far. Bradley says he nearly quit acting during his Alias days to go back and get a Ph.D. in English lit. Can you imagine professor BCoop? Excerpts, please:

On emotionally preparing for the role: “Losing someone close to me. Going through love and loss . . . knowing what’s important. Realizing that the bottom line is that all I got is me, so it’s about time to stop trying to be something that I think you would want me to be. Or that would give me what I think I need. As you get older, thank God, your body deteriorates, but your soul sort of flourishes.”

He didn’t take simulants to gain weight: “aand didn’t want to do anything. I had a realistic conversation. Can I do this in three months naturally? Can I gain 30 pounds of f***ing muscle? I didn’t know if I would be able to do it or not. Thank God–luckily–my f***ing body reacted fast.”

On his state of mind: “I see life much more gray as I get older. I was so sort of black-and-white in my late 20s. There’s right and there’s wrong and that’s it. That’s a tough way to live. It’s rare that I judge somebody, really rare. I think people feel that, so it’s sort of easy to get close to somebody if you don’t feel judged by them.”

Getting gritty at work: “I always knew I wanted to be in the trenches with a director making the movie. I always felt that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. I always knew deep down that if I’m not going to do that then I’m not too long for this business.”

Sienna Miller on BCoop: “He’d be brilliant, but he’d be a nightmare [as a director]. He won’t let anyone get away with anything.”

[From Vanity Fair]

These excerpts aren’t too interesting. I hope some better tidbits surface soon. Bradley needs to dig deep for that Oscar nomination, so he can make it a threefer. Do you think he’ll ever win an Academy Award? This role should show some range and get him out of the yelling trap. BCoop will earn a nomination at the very least. Body transformation, yo.

Here’s a photo of BCoop hopping on the NYC subway a few weeks ago. I love it when celebrities take the subway. Dude is trying hard to not be noticed, but he looks like an extra on Law & Order: SVU. Come to think of it, he appeared on the show during Season 6. (I watch too many USA reruns at the gym.)

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Photos courtesy of Vanity Fair, Fame/Flynet & WENN


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Bradley Cooper in the intense ‘American Sniper’ trailer: Oscar baity?

Bradley Cooper

The first trailer for American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper, has arrived. BCoop plays Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in US military history. The film is based upon Kyle’s autobiography and should be an awards contender, which is interesting because Bradley says he doesn’t want an Oscar. Yet he keeps signing up for Oscar baity films. Director Clint Eastwood must be hoping for a return to form after Jersey Boys (plus J. Edgar and Invictus), so this new film will receive a big studio push. Coop is already promoting. He must know the drill.

Bradley underwent a physical transformation for this role by gaining 40 pounds. BCoop picked up a Texas accent and calmed his usual “yelling” routine for a measured turn as a military man. Let’s see how he does:

That was intense, right? Kyle was deadly accurate and could shoot a target from 2100 yards away. BCoop visibly struggles as he tries to decide whether or not to shoot a child carrying an explosive. We see him balance this struggle against recollections of his family life (Kyle’s wife is played by Sienna Miller) and strife at home. Kyle served four tours in Iraq and died in 2013 at a Texas shooting range. The man accused of killing Kyle still awaits trial. Bradley says this movie is a character study of Kyle. He’s grateful to have spoken with Kyle before his death:

“Thank God I got to talk to him once on the phone. It was a very quick conversation. But I did tell him how serious I was about making this movie. And he should just know that whatever fears he had about Hollywood, to just put them aside and trust me. That I was going to do everything I could to tell this story.

“I had to do right by him and his family, there was really no choice. You’re sitting across the dining-room table talking to this person’s father and mother. And his children and wife are there. And he’s passed away. Knowing that they are putting all of their stories in your hands and the responsibly of that, it’s actually unique.

“Even though it was actors through the scope, they were human beings. It was a whole other deal. I remember getting a chill through my body realizing what he had to do.”

[From USA Today]

If you’re curious about how well BCoop nails Kyle’s general demeanor, here’s a 2012 clip in which Kyle visited Conan O’Brien.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Movie stills & poster courtesy of Warner Bros; photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet & WENN


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Bradley Cooper wants to be a father: ‘That’s my next big step in life’

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper covers the October issue of Square Mile magazine. His face doesn’t look like his face, even with that beard. What this mag should’ve done is make his ice-blue, serial-killer eyes pop out of the monochrome. Wouldn’t that have been a cool effect?

Get ready for a whole lot of BCoop coming your way. This cover feature kicks off the promotion for Clint Eastwood’s Navy SEAL drama, American Sniper. Bradley plays Chris Kyle, who holds the American record for greatest number of sniper kills. The movie comes out on Christmas Day and should be an awards contender. Will BCoop receive his third consecutive Oscar nomination for his role? He tried to tell GQ in 2013 that he doesn’t want a stinking Oscar, but I’m not fooled. No actor voluntarily wears these shorty shorts unless they’re looking for an Oscar. Or at least a Golden Globe. These interview excerpts are about Bradley’s career angst and how he wants to be a daddy:

On fatherhood: “I would love to be a father one day. I’m sorry my father won’t be around to see his grandchildren, but he knows fatherhood was something I was looking forward to. That’s my next big step in life.”

On acting: “I struggled for a long time, and you never forget what you went through to finally make it. Even with the success I’ve had, I still fight for roles that I don’t wind up getting, so there’s still enough uncertainty to keep you hungry. There’s this crushing anxiety you feel when you’re not getting the parts you want, and you wonder if acting is your destiny.”

On working with Jennifer Lawrence: “We’ve had so much fun working together, and I’m so proud of her success. She’s one of the most down to Earth and unpretentious individuals you could ever meet, and it’s such a pleasure to spend time with her.”

[From Square Mile]

We’ve heard about Bradley’s fatherly aspirations in the tabloids. About six months ago, Star ran a story about how he wants to be a dad before 40. He’s 39 now and still dating Suki Waterhouse, who is only 22. She’s at the height of her modeling career and trying to break into acting. I doubt she’s ready for a baby, but who knows. These two have been together for 19 months. They’re such an odd couple. Bradley’s odd enough on his own. Does he really want to become a father soon, or is this discussion part of his non-Oscar campaign?

I’m including photos of Bradley at LAX last week and at London Fashion Week. He had a grand time in London with his two best girls, Suki and Anna Wintour.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Photos courtesy of Square Mile, Fame/Flynet & WENN


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