Beyonce Talks Miscarriage, Sings Live

-Beyonce opens up about a miscarriage in her new HBO documentary. -Meanwhile, Bey sang the national anthem live at a press conference today. Take that! -My buddy Jon got to visit the Breaking Bad set earlier this week (which led to lots of jealousy and excitment from … Continue reading

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Ricki Lake Talks Weight Loss Struggles

Ricki Lake Talks Weight Loss Struggles | celebrity quotes

On her weight loss goals:

“I wouldn’t say I’ve conquered it. I still battle with it and always will. Doing ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in 2011 got me in amazing shape – the best of my life – and now I’m at a healthy weight. I’m not obese anymore. I was enormous, so I’ve got a handle on it. Would I like to lose another stone? Yes. But I’m not a big person anymore. My goal weight is a healthy 10 stone now (140 pounds). I’ll never be skinny. I’d rather be fit and happy than emaciated and malnourished. I have to be at peace with my body no matter what size it is.”

… says 44 year-old Ricki.

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Taylor Swift Still Doesn’t Get It

A photo of Taylor Swift

I’m sorry (no, I’m not), but Taylor Swift is really, really dumb. She’s smart with some things, of course, like writing songs that little girls will fall in love with and all that, but for the most part, she’s just a big dummy.

Here’s what I mean: we all understand why Taylor Swift is dumb. We all get it. We all get that she’s creepy and obsessive and weird, and that she tries to cover all that up by pretending to be an angelic, virginal 12-year-old girl. That’s all very clear to us, right? But not to Taylor. She just doesn’t get it.

Check out this thing that she said recently:

“People say that I’m buying houses all the time that I’m not buying. It’s like every time the press thinks I like a guy, they say I am buying a house next to them. And also they think they know what I’m getting people for Christmas, which they don’t. I was thinking when I saw that one (rumor) that if they actually got it right I would be so sad because they would have blown my Christmas present, but they were all wrong.”

Because that’s the thing people make fun of her for, buying houses. Ugh. This is like Lindsay Lohan doing an interview and saying “guys, I don’t really have sex with Terry Richardson!” Like, ok, that’s one tiny, old rumor addressed, but how about every other thing that’s wrong with you?

There’s also another story about Tay Tay going around (I have to cram in an extra one, guys, because this is my very last time talking to you about this girl! Can you even imagine?!). It seems like she’s basically been crying nonstop ever since Harry Styles broke up with her. Poor thing. Some source said that “she is a complete mess,” and that it’s really hurting her feelings how everyone’s pointing out the fact that she’s crazy.

My favorite part, though, is about how Tina Fey made a joke about her at the Golden Globes. Here’s how Taylor apparently reacted afterwards:

”That’s when it hit her that she has such a horrible reputation, it could affect her professionally.”

GIRL, LOL! Do you think, maybe?

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Is Kristen Stewart Worried About Getting Dumped?

photo of kristen stewart making a face pictures, photos
From Us Weekly:

Kristen Stewart is fuming with Robert Pattinson for not giving her enough attention while he’s Down Under filming, a source tells exclusively. The On the Road actress has been missing Robert, 26, since he flew to Australia to shoot futuristic western The Rover, and because of the time difference the pair has hardly spoken to each other.

Kristen, 22, feels Robert’s neglecting her, according to the source, and has told him she wants him to check-in more often!

“With Robert out the country, a thousand miles away working in Australia, Kristen has been missing him badly,” the source reveals. “The time difference is 18-and-a-half hours between Los Angeles and Adelaide, where Robert is, so it’s proving a difficulty for them to speak to each other regularly and easily. Robert is often starting his working day when Kristen is busy, and vice versa. And he’s not the best at sending texts, or keeping in touch in the first place.”

“Kristen is angry with him because she thinks he’s not giving her enough attention – it’s absolutely killing her. So, she’s told him off and said she wants more messages, updates…. Anything…. so she doesn’t feel forgotten about!”

As previously reported, Kristen has also been getting frustrated with Robert for his reluctance to fully forgive her and re-commit to their relationship following her cheating scandal. Robert has been playing hard to get since rekindling their romance, and the actress is starting to get annoyed because she feels that she’s been putting in all the effort to make it work out between them.

“Rob and Kristen are at a crossroads right now as to whether he finally accepts they are back together or not,” a source previously told Radar.

Wait, why are we even considering this? I thought we collectively decided that Kristen and Rob‘s relationship was solely for the ‘Twilight’ franchise, and that both of these people had gone their respective ways awhile ago. I thought that we were done speculating over these two and their true sexual orientations, but I guess not, huh?

On the flip side, Kristen is looking pretty stressed out these days, so if it isn’t something to do with Robert Pattinson and their “relationship,” then I’m willing to bet it’s got something to do with Rupert Sanders. Now that he’s, you know, officially back on the market again.

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Quotables: Eddie Cibrian’s a 9 in the Bedroom … When He Can Get It Up

photo of eddie cibrian pictures, photos

Eddie had started taking Propecia, like many men, because he was concerned about hair loss. He had fantastic hair, but who was I to sideline his vanity? … This particular drug [Propecia] had nasty side effects – including ones that happened in the bedroom. I knew he was concerned about his hairline, but momma needed something h**d. I was not down for a limp d**k and gave him an ultimatum: It was the Propecia or me! Eddie never took well to being cornered or criticized. So it was no surprise when he immediately shot back that my lady business wasn’t what it used to be.

—Brandi Glanville, again, from her book Drinking & Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders, talking about her ex-husband‘s impotence in the bedroom that occurred because of a hair-regrowth agent.

Of course, I don’t mean to laugh, because laughing at a man’s lack of performance in the bedroom just isn’t all that nice, but this is Eddie Cibrian that we’re talking about here, and he is quite a piece of crap, if you ask me.

… But then, you have to wonder—did Eddie step out on Brandi because of her creepy “Momma needs something hard” references? Because that’s just f-cking creepy. … Creepy, in case you didn’t get it the first go-round—and I’m talking cringing creepiness, here, guys. And mean. That’s pretty mean, too. And now, I’m not saying that Brandi emotionally abusing Eddie is a good excuse to be sleeping around on your wife, but it sure isn’t the worst one I’ve ever heard, either.

Who knows—maybe LeAnn gave Eddie some good (sexual) healing that Brandi just … well, didn’t.

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Love It or Leave It: Anna Kendrick is So, So Precious

photo of anna kendrick pictures, photos
So we’ve talked about Anna Kendrick just a little bit here and there, but the tipping point really revealed itself when she talked about masturbating to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater. That was a stroke of brilliance right there, no pun intended.

This is Anna’s latest look at a fashion function in New York City, and gosh, guys, this girl gets prettier and prettier as the days go by. So pretty, actually, that it’s becoming super necessary to find out more about Anna and her rubbing-one-out ways.

For example, did you know that she’s way into British dudes? Must be a Kristen Stewart complex rearing its cheat-provoking head, but it’s a real thing. What does she like about UK men, though? Well, according to a recent interview, she likes their dry sense of humor and their accents, but really, who doesn’t?

As for her career, Anna was nominated for a Tony award for Best Actress in 1998 for her role in something called ‘High Society’, which just proves that there’s talent, like, coming out of her ears, and she’s also close friends with Adam Lambert.

Is there anything this chick can’t do?

Anna Kendrick: Love It or Leave It?

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