Harry Styles: Zayn Malik’s New Song SUCKS!

Earlier today, Zayn Malik dropped his debut solo single “Pillowtalk,” the first song off his upcoming album, “Mind of Mine.”

Just hours after it was released, the track shot to the number one spot on the iTunes charts, thanks in no small part to an accompanying steamy music video featuring Zayn and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

But there is one individual who is decidedly NOT a fan: Harry Styles.

Zayn’s former One Direction band mate dissed the song big time, according to HollywoodLife.

“Harry thinks it’s called ‘Pillowtalk’ because the song puts you to sleep,” an insider told the site. “He really doesn’t think that it is as good as anything that 1D has done with or without Zayn.”

Well, the man has a right to his opinion, but it kinda sounds like sour grapes to me.

Perhaps Harry is peeved that Zayn has been trash talking the band of late.

Earlier in the week, Zayn confessed that he never really wanted to be a part of 1D and just sort of did it because it was “there at the time.”

He went on to state that 1D’s music just wasn’t his “cup of tea,” and he thought the rest of the boys knew it at the time.

Maybe someone needs to tell Harry that just because Zayn’s doing well doesn’t mean 1D can’t, too. 

If, of course, they are actually still together.

The band is currently on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time, and many fans are speculating that the band has in fact called it quits for good.

Looks like Zayn’s jumping ship might’ve been one of the best decisions he’s ever made. 


Zayn Malik Releases Debut Single “Pillowtalk” — VIDEO

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I’m most certainly not a fan of Zayn Malik (nor am I of One Direction, but I like the group better than I like this dipshit’s solo efforts), but apparently he thinks he’s good enough to launch his own career outside of the band. This, despite the fact that he was put in One Direction by Simon Cowell because he wasn’t good enough to roll solo. My, how times have changed! Zayn’s here to regale us with “Pillowtalk”, a Justin Bieber/Chris Brown-inspired ditty covering topics of sex, fucking, and how much he loves fucking all night long. It’s truly… something else.

The video features him making out and getting sexy with Gigi Hadid, his rumoured girlfriend (which he denies, despite the fact that they’re attached at the genitals and have been for the past several months), and it’s all very… boring and terrible, not half because it’s by Zayn Malik of One Direction. Of all the boys to go solo, I always thought (and halfway hoped) it would have been Harry Styles first. Zayn leaving the band so he could “discover his voice” or whatever was fine, but I just hoped that we wouldn’t be subject to hearing that voice when he found it.

Well, that’s that. He’s got a full-length album coming out in March, which will probably sell like hotcakes to wistful 1D fans that are still devastated that he left the group and are desperate for any semblance of the band they once knew. I’m all for mindless pop music with a good beat, but I just think he’s an absolute tosser, as my English friends would say, and I can’t entertain a single second of him because of it. Sorry, Zayn!

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Rob Kardashian Shacking Up With Blac Chyna After Khloe Kicks Him Out Of The House

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Ok, so in the news we have this entire Rob Kardashian shacking up with Blac Chyna thing that has gone viral.

Here is how it all went down… Rob and Blac were chilling at Khloe’s house while she was out of town for promotional reasons for her new show ‘Kocktails With Khloe’. Khloe came home a bit early and found the couple in here kitchen and instantly went ballistic yelling at Blac to “get the hell out of my house” throwing stuff around and yelling at Rob for bringing her into her house. Now, the reason why Khloe went crazy is because when Kylie hooked up with Tyga (Blac’s ex-man) Blac was said to have hounded the couple stalker style. Rob told sister Khloe to “F**k off” and has now moved in with Blac across the way.

Shortly after leaving the house tabloids like TMZ started reporting that Rob was getting ready to take the sex tape spotlight away from his family, meaning that he was making one with Blac that would overshadow Kim, Khloe and Kylie’s recent talk of tapes. Khloe also told TMZ that Rob is being played and buying Blac lavish gifts when he does not have much money.

Now, we move to Blac and Rob… many people do not know that the now couple have known each other for a very long time, even before all this feuding. Rob has a history of mental and physical issues and Blac at first was simply trying to help her “friend” that eventually turned into a “loving” relationship.

Kim Kardashian has surprised us all as being the only Kardashian to support her brother saying to Showbiz Spy’s: “The only thing that concerns me is my brothers fitness, safety and happiness and if he is getting that with her (Blac Chyna) then so be it.”

We recently 1-29-16 caught up with Khloe and she has now changed her tune and said to one of our Spy’s: “If Rob is happy that is all that matters to us.” We then asked if Blac would be welcome to family events and she replied: “My brothers happiness means more to us than any kind of petty disagreement, of course she will be welcome with open arms.” LOL Yeah right.

Only time will tell how this all plays out, but our personal feeling is that if Rob is getting healthy with the help of Blac who could ask for more. Let the boy do his thing and if it does not work out in the end at least he was able to get healthy again. What do you guys think about the relationship? Is it real? Will it last? Is Blac playing Rob to get back at the Kardashian sisters? Lots of questions on this one, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Here is Complex take on the entire situation:

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Star: Tom Hiddleston is trying to get back together with Jessica Chastain


Even though I’m pretty sure that Tom Hiddleston is still “secretly” dating Elizabeth Olsen, I still enjoy random gossip about other people Tom might be dating. People like… Jessica Chastain? There’s actually a somewhat long history of people thinking Hiddles and Chastain were a thing. The rumors began circulating back in January 2013, and it was said that they had been secretly dating for several months, and that Chastain had even spent some time in England with Tom and his family. Then the dating rumors began percolating once again when Tom and Jessica were filming Crimson Peak in early 2014, especially when Tom helped Jessica celebrate her birthday. But soon after, we learned that Jessica was still dating her Italian boyfriend, Gian Luca Passi di Preposulo.

At the end of the day, do I think it’s possible that Jessica and Tom had a fling at one point, years ago? Sure. Anything’s possible. But I think once she got to know him better, she started to find him exhausting (I may be projecting here). I also think they probably are good friends at this point. But according to Star Magazine, Chastain is the one who got away.

Jessica Chastain has broken her rule about not dating actors for Tom Hiddleston once before, and now the newly single actor, 34, is asking Chastain to do it once more after reuniting on-screen for Crimson Peak.

“Tom realized what a mistake he made,” a source tells Star. “He’s been hitting Jessica up ever since, saying that she’s the one who got away and begging for a second chance.”

The only problem? Hiddleston is looking for love in all the wrong places. Since their split in early 2013, Jessica has happily moved on Italian fashion executive Gian Luca Passi di Preposulo, who was none too pleased to hear that Tom was back in the picture.

“She tried to let Tom down gently because they really are such good friend… but I think she secretly liked that Gian Luca got a little jealous.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Do I believe that Tom is actively pursuing Chastain whilst carrying on with Elizabeth Olsen? Not really. Although I do think something fishy is going on between Hiddles and Olsen and it’s not just “oh, they want to keep it quiet.” I’ll also give you this: I think if Chastain wanted Hiddles, she could have him. Like, he would be really into it. So I do believe that Star’s version of their dynamic is probably close to true but otherwise… not so much.



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Amber Rose calls Kanye West a ‘f–king clown’: ‘You don’t bring in my baby’


Here are some photos of Amber Rose on Wednesday, after Kanye West’s Twitter rant directed at Wiz Khalifa (Amber’s ex) and after Amber body-slammed Kanye on Twitter. A lot is being said and written about Kanye’s constant disses towards Amber Rose following their breakup more than four years ago. Some think Kanye still has feelings for or about Amber. Some think Kanye is a petty child. I don’t disagree. But if I can just point out one small thing: Kanye called Amber a “stripper” in his Twitter rant because he thought Wiz made a derogatory reference to Kim (as it turned out, Wiz was just talking about weed). If Wiz or anyone else actually did slam Kim, I would expect Kanye to act the exact same way. None of which means that Kanye was in the right, especially when Kanye went in on Sebastian, Amber and Wiz’s son.

So, Amber did an interview with the podcast Allegedly and she reacted to Kanye’s shade towards Sebastian. She apparently calls Ye a “f—king clown.” And more:

“The thing of it is like, I would never talk about kids in like, an argument. It just shows the type of person he is. You know, even him saying stuff about my son, I still didn’t say anything about his kids. I’m not going to. That’s ridiculous. They’re innocent babies. You don’t ever, ever talk about a baby, ever. It just shows how f–king ridiculous he is.”

“Listen, don’t talk about my kid. That’s all I got to say. Don’t talk about my baby. I wouldn’t have said anything if it was just between him and Wiz. That’s two grown men hashing it out. I would’ve kept it cute and just minded my business. You don’t bring in my baby. That’s so corny. That’s the second time you did it this week.”

[From E! News]

For sure. Don’t talk about the children. And she’s absolutely right: imagine the weeks of drama if Amber even mentioned North or Saint on Twitter or in an interview.

Just to play devil’s advocate though… while Kanye absolutely should never had even referenced Amber’s child, the tweets felt more like Kanye was attacking Amber, that Amber was the target more than anyone else. He tweeted to Wiz: “I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years.” That’s a common theme with Kanye, that a “Golddigger” will get knocked up and you’ll be paying her for 18 years. That’s a slam against Amber. The other two references were “You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me” and “You own waves???? I own your child!!!!” I think “you wouldn’t have a child” is about how if Kanye hadn’t broken up with Amber, she never would have gotten with Wiz, etc. As for “I own your child”… I don’t even know what that’s about, I really don’t. Again, I’m not defending Kanye, but Amber acts like Kanye name-checked Sebastian specifically when really Kanye just needs to stop obsessing over Amber full-stop.

Also: Amber wrote an essay about slut-shaming and judgmental people for Time Magazine – you can read her piece here.


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Barbie got a major makeover, she now comes in different body types & skin colors


Here is this week’s Time Magazine cover: THE NEW BARBIE. Or at least your choice of what kind of Barbie doll best represents your dreams and journeys. Yes, after decades of size-0, thin-thighed, blonde Barbies, Mattel has finally changed their doll in some fundamental ways. The new Barbie will be offered in seven different colors/races, with many different hair colors and three new body types: petite, tall and curvy.

Mattel will still be selling OG Barbie, but now kids will have more options. You can choose dark-skinned and petite Barbie, or tall and brown-skinned Barbie or curvy, white and brunette Barbie. All in all, there are 33 different dolls which will come out in stages. I’ll call them Bootilicious Barbie, Realistic Thighs Barbie, Nerd Barbie, Blue-Haired Hipster Barbie, Jennifer Lawrence Barbie and Ariana-Grande-Proportioned Barbie. The different body types are getting the most attention, but I genuinely appreciate the fact that they’re making Barbies with different skin tones and the dolls still get to be called BARBIE. They’re not going to call the different Barbies different names, like one called Destiny or one called Kim or whatever. All Barbies, in all sizes, in all colors.

The Time Magazine piece about Mattel’s Barbie Revolution is pretty interesting – go here to read. They’re not even really pretending that this change came from completely pure, representative intentions. You see, Mattel has seen steadily declining sales of Barbies, but from 2012-2014, sales fell off a cliff and Lego became the biggest toy company in the world, dethroning Mattel. Lego prioritized the “Lego Friends” line, which teaches girls to build and probably worked really well for parents who want to encourage their daughters to pursue STEM fields. Meanwhile, Barbie was still the same-old, same-old and that was a big problem. So the head of the Barbie brand, Evelyn Mazzocco, decided to rebrand Barbie for millennial moms. You can read about the strategy in Time Magazine here.

So, is this too little, too late? I personally think that Barbie has lasted so long because of fashion, and as long as they keep making great clothes for all Barbie sizes, I imagine Barbie will last for another 50 years. I’ve read the treatises about why Barbie isn’t feminist or why she’s blah blah blah, but for me, it was about the fashion and it was about having a womanly-proportioned doll to dress up.




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Star: Jennifer Lawrence feels ‘threatened’ by Brie Larson’s awards success


There’s a long history with tabloids setting up Jennifer Lawrence to be some kind of massive Mean Girl, looking to take down her actress contemporaries with a single Doritos fart. Maybe I’m a J-Law Apologist, but I don’t think she’s that girl. Is she totally capable of being mean, judgy and rude? Of course she is. But I don’t think she operates like everything is zero-sum gain, like she can be the only successful woman in Hollywood because there can only be ONE. I think back to when J-Law was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for American Hustle, and she was up against Lupita Nyong’o. Just my opinion, but it always seemed like Jennifer actively did NOT want to win that year, and she really wanted Lupita to have her moment to shine.

That’s what I was thinking about when I read this Star Magazine story about how J-Law is Mean Girling Brie Larson. Brie and Jennifer are both nominated for Best Actress this year, and most people believe Brie is the major frontrunner for the award. Again, I suspect that J-Law is fine with that. And to hear Brie tell it, they know each other and they’re friendly. Brie said as much in her recent THR profile, saying: “I met Jen seven years ago at a photo shoot. We bonded over the craft service table; we were the only ones eating the doughnuts.” Still, Star’s source says J-Law is trying to quietly destroy Brie!

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t happy about having to share the It Girl limelight with critical darling Brie Larson.

“Jen’s starting to feel the heat,” says a source close to Brie. “She’s made it clear to friends that she does not want Brie in her crew – she thinks Brie is her biggest competition and she’s probably right.”

Although her reps deny a rift, sources say Jennifer is so threatened that she even ordered BFF Amy Schumer to avoid Brie at the Golden Globes, but her Mean Girl plan backfired.

“Brie was in Amy’s movie ‘Trainwreck’ so they get along well. But Amy spent most of the night trying to keep Brie away from Jen!”

And while Jen knows she can’t be Hollywood’s favorite forever, she refuses to pass the baton gracfully.

“She’s be smarter to make Brie a friend, not an enemy,” says the source.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

OK Magazine had a similar story about Brie and Jennifer’s “feud,” with sources claiming that “Jen just didn’t hit it off with Brie” and “Brie was a little uptight for her liking and that she couldn’t hang.” And for what it’s worth, Gossip Cop spoke to an unnamed source on Team J-Law and the source claimed that the alleged rift is bulls—t. Sure. Do I believe that Brie and Jennifer are not BFFs? Sure. Do I believe that J-Law is, like, actively trying to shun Brie? Of course not.



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