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Bryce Dallas Brings Today’s Quote


On how weight criticism made her stay away from the Internet for 9 years:

I gave birth to my son and I needed to do press afterwards for Spider Man 3. So two weeks after giving birth, I had gained quite a bit of weight and everyone had been, you know, really nice up until that point. And I remember going onto a message board and thinking “Oh the premiere was last night what are they going to say?”‘ But it was intense. And I remember feeling gutted, shutting the computer and just saying “never again”. I think in a way that’s a little bit why I stayed away from social media for so long.’

Bryce at the Spiderman premiere in 2007:



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Amber Rose Felt Body Shamed on Dancing with the Stars


Check out the story from E! News:

Amber Rose has a bone to pick with none other than Julianne Hough. E! News has the exclusive clip from Amber’s next episode of’s Loveline With Amber Rose where the co-host dishes on a recent experience with the blonde judge that rubbed her the wrong way. Amber’s fellow host Dr. Chris Donaghue mentioned that he felt Julianne’s criticisms of Amber’s dance were unfair, to which she replied, “Last night was like, they did the commentary, and I, it was a point in the dance where I had to lift my leg up and Maks [Chmerkovskiy] dipped me & [Julianne] said, ‘Oh, I’m uncomfortable,’ and instantly I felt, I did feel body shamed.”

Amber added, “You know, all the beautiful professional dancers that are on Dancing With the Stars, I mean they dress very sexy and they do the splits and they grind up on these guys and they look absolutely stunning and get a standing ovation. And me, and my body, my hips, my ass, my breasts made her uncomfortable.”

Meanwhile, Julianne tells E! News exclusively, “To be clear, that was a produced package, not live coverage and they can put those sound bites anywhere. My ‘uncomfortable’ comment was about the fact that I felt like I wanted more out of the performance – when someone is doing a hot, sexy dance like that without the right amount of energy that is required, it can be uncomfortable to watch. Trust me I’m ALL for a sexy booty dance!! We all know that!! And any kind of body shaming goes against everything I believe in.”


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Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston were loved up in Rhode Island this weekend

As everyone predicted, Tom Hiddleston magically appeared in Rhode Island this weekend for Taylor Swift’s annual Fourth of July bash. This year’s attendees included Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Ruby Rose, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Uzo Aduba. No Selena Gomez? Hm. But whatever girl drama Swifty might have with her squad isn’t the story. No, the story is that even after a days-long “breather” from each other, Taylor and Tom are still in love. TIDDLES IS FOR REAL. The Daily Mail has the best/clearest photos of the beach party here.

Tom wore a “I HEART T.S.” t-shirt. Taylor wore an “America” bikini from Forever 21. They also had temporary tattoos with each other’s names/initials. I can already feel the Bump Watch happening with those photos of Taylor too. For what it’s worth, I examined her bump-area closely too. But I don’t think she’s knocked up. My gut says that she’s put on a few pounds (just a few, literally) because she’s not touring and she’s just on vacation. I will say this though: Taylor redid her boob job. She got a boob job several years back, but I’m now positive that she went and got them redone, with bigger, rounder implants. She has absolutely gone up a cup size at least.

Meanwhile, there were some assorted tabloid/whatever stories this holiday weekend.

*The Daily Mail ran a breakdown of Tom’s ancestral line, because why not? The DM did the same thing with Benedict Cumberbatch a while back, and you can see the DM’s Hiddles story here.

*Tom wants to ignore all of the criticism TIDDLES has been getting. A source told Reveal Mag that “Tom’s been incredibly supportive. When this backlash started, she was worried he’d cut and run, but it’s been the opposite. He’s done wonders to cheer Taylor up, when this is exactly the sort of thing that would normally really upset her. He even made a joke about how they’re moving too fast, and he mock-proposed to her with one of those plastic kiddie rings you get from a bubblegum machine. She thought it was hilarious.” Jesus, are they BOTH 13 years old?

*E! News has been running critical stories about Tiddles for more than a week. Critical as in “is this entire mess a showmance?” Well, E! spoke to Famously Single “dating coach” Laurel House to analyze the Tiddles romance. House thinks Swifty “finally broke her bad boy addiction. ‘Bad’ and ‘boy’ both being operative words. With Calvin, he was a good guy which prepared her for Tom, who is her man. Is it too fast? Is she flaunting it? Maybe! Maybe she’s not going about it the right way, but I do feel like this is authentic. She finally found what she needs: safe, sexy and seen.” I’ll say.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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John Legend: Blame ME For Bad Parenting, Not Just Chrissy!

John Legend is quickly earning our vote for husband of the year.

Not only does he gush about Chrissy Teigen on the regular, he’s now instructing the momshaming brigade to fire their criticism at him, not just his wife.

Last month, Teigen was attacked by the mommy mafia when she went out to dinner with her husband about a week after giving birth.

“She’s hitting the streets already????” wrote one jerk on Twitter. “Damn these so called celebrities want to show off so bad after giving birth.”

“Spend bonding time with your baby and not let the nanny or babysitter raise them!”

Naturally, Teigen hit back, but Legend thinks it’s unfair that she had to take all the heat.

These days, moms and dads equally share the responsibility of child-rearing, yet Teigen received all of the criticism for the unforgivable crime of leaving daughter Luna with a sitter for a couple hours.

The “All of Me” singer took to Twitter to point out the double standard and ponder why all the ire is directed toward the mom.

“Funny there’s no dad-shaming,” he tweeted.

“When both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us so Chrissy doesn’t have to take it all. We’ll split it.”

I’m actually getting a little weepy here.

This man just gets it. Literally and figuratively.

On Mother’s Day, Legend shared a photo of his wife and daughter and included this tribute:

“To my wonderful wife, @chrissyteigen. Luna and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. If our daughter can be even half as awesome as you, I will be so happy and proud. Happy 1st Mother’s Day!”

Methinks Chrissy and Luna are pretty lucky, too.

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Ingrid Seward: Duchess Kate ‘is absolutely terrified of not doing it right’


Ingrid Seward is a prominent editor, writer and royal biographer in the UK. She’s the editor for Majesty Magazine, but she writes for other publications and provides quotes and explanatory interviews for American publications. The last time we mentioned Seward, it was last month. She wrote a SCATHING piece for the Daily Mail following several high-profile misfires and PR bungles from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Seward attacked them openly, calling them “a rich, increasingly spoiled couple growing surprisingly distant.” She attacked their privilege, their tone-deaf PR strategies, their entitlement. It was pretty amazing. But now Will and Kate’s fifth anniversary is coming up (tomorrow) and Seward has been called in to offer analysis of how Kate has fared in her first five years within The Firm.

How Kate has done in five years: “I think she’s integrated extremely well. It’s not easy – not a lot of guidance – but of course she has the best teacher in William. I think that’s made a massive difference – having his hand on her hand. She hasn’t made any mistakes which is extraordinary when you think of how difficult it is for her. I suppose the only mistake she’s made is that she’s probably seen not always as particularly interesting but I think she’s absolutely terrified of not doing it right. I think she feels a great responsibility on her slender shoulders to do the right thing and be seen to be doing the right thing.”

Whether Kate needs to step up & have a larger voice: “She’s got so long to be there that I don’t think there’s any need for her to be passing her own opinions yet because she’s got years to do it. If she wanted to do, she would, but she obviously doesn’t want to.”

Will & Kate are BFFs: “I think she’s probably his best friend and vice versa. You get pretty isolated up there in that ivory tower of royalty.”

The “workshy” and “dolittle” criticisms: “The timing was right for a couple of blips to happen. They were so much on top of the pedestal there was only one way and that was down.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Well, somebody is back in the good graces of Poor Jason. Even though other outlets are running with the “Kate is terrified” quote like it’s some kind of shade, that quote actually reads as a compliment. As in, Seward thinks Kate has barely made any mistakes in the past five years. Which… really? And here’s the thing: last month, I thought the workshy/dolittle thing was going to blow over too. But the British-media reaction to Will and Kate’s India-Bhutan tour made it clear that the gloves are off with the Cambridges and that (to mix metaphors) a page has been turned. So it will be interesting to see if Poor Jason can work his magic and create some positive headlines around this anniversary… which I assume Will and Kate will be spending “privately.” Probably with Carole.

Last thing… Kate added something to her schedule for next week. She’ll be unveiling The Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace next Wednesday. Go here to read more.



Photos courtesy of PCN, WENN.


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Bernie Sanders calls George Clooney’s ritzy Clinton fundraisers ‘obscene’


George Clooney spoke about his support for Hillary Clinton several months ago, when he was promoting Hail Caesar. Clooney has always been a big Hollywood Democrat, and he supported John Kerry and Barack Obama in past presidential election cycles. Clooney has made no secret of his support for Clinton this time around, but he also hasn’t said anything negative about Bernie Sanders. The only person Clooney has criticized is Donald Trump. Anyway, George and Amal Clooney are cohosting two major California fundraisers for Clinton’s campaign and the DNC. The fundraiser tickets cost $33,400, and the Clooneys have co-hosts like Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and more. This usually happens, by the way – the Hollywood Democrats and Silicon Valley Democrats will throw several big (and big-money) fundraisers in LA and San Francisco every presidential election cycle. But Hillary Clinton’s competition, Bernie Sanders, doesn’t like it. He thinks the Clooneys represent “big money people.”

“It is obscene that Secretary Clinton keeps going to big-money people to fund her campaign,” Bernie Sanders said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday. Clinton is asking donors for $353,400 for two seats at the head table with herself, Clooney and his wife, Amal, at the April 15 event in San Francisco. The next night, the Clooneys will host a $33,400 per person fundraiser for Clinton at the couple’s Los Angeles home.

“I have a lot of respect for George Clooney. He’s a great actor. I like him,” Sanders said. “But this is the problem with American politics … Big money is dominating our political system. And [my supporters and I] are trying to move as far away from that as we can.”

Sanders, whose campaign has been largely funded by small donations, says his events usually cost “$15 or $50” to get into.

“So it’s not a criticism of Clooney,” he said. “It’s a criticism of a corrupt campaign finance system, where big money interests — and it’s not Clooney, it’s the people coming to this event — have undue influence on the political process.”

Throughout the Democratic primary, the self-described democratic socialist has attacked Clinton’s ties to Wall Street. He did so again Sunday.

“It’s not only this Clooney event,” Sanders said. “It is the fact she has now raised well over $15 million from Wall Street for her super-PAC, and millions more from the fossil fuel industry, and from the drug companies.”

Clinton’s Clooney swing comes less than two months before the crucial Democratic primary on June 7 in California, where 475 delegates are at stake.

CB and I were debating this between ourselves – she’s a Bernie fan, and she agrees with what he’s saying. Meanwhile I voted for Clinton in the Virginia primary, and I did so because I honestly think Clinton is a better Democratic candidate for office. I understand Sanders’ point about getting the “big money” out of politics, and I agree with it as a moral and ethical stance. But in practice, I find it difficult to understand why Clinton (or any Democratic candidate) should be held to a different standard than the GOP candidates. Plus, I just have a fundamental disagreement with calling George Clooney a “big money” donor who will use his fundraising skills to push some agenda with Hillary Clinton. If you want to talk about the hedge fund people pushing candidates for tax cuts for billionaires, sure, let’s talk about that. But what’s on Clooney’s political agenda that isn’t already on Clinton’s agenda?



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Bar Refaeli: Pregnant Model Flaunts INSANELY Flat Stomach!

Bar Refaeli is five months pregnant, but if it weren’t for the hashtag on her latest Instagram photo, there’s no way you would ever know that:

The 30-year-old model and mom-to-be posted the above image with a caption reading, “My girl was craving some vitamin D #5months.”

Refaeli is used to getting a lot of attention for her selfies, but usually for the simple reasons that she’s a model with a couple million followers.

Now, she’s in a situation that brings to mind the predicament of fellow model Sarah Stage, whose taut baby bump photos earned her heaps of online criticism.

Eventually, Stage gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy, so maybe the Internet will just chill this time and not attack Bar for putting her babies health at risk like they did with Sarah.

Just kidding! It’s 2016; you really think people are gonna pass up the opportunity to get outraged?

Before you rush over to Bar’s IG page to start talking trash, however, please bear in mind that every pregnancy is deifferent.

Besides, it’s still relatively early in the game. She still has her third trimester to go, and we’re sure that eventually Bar will belly up.

In the meantime, you have our sincerest apologies for that awful pun.